Schedule of Activities, July 31, August 1 & 2, 2015

Schedule Subject to Change

Kronshage Park, 1515 Wisconsin Ave., Boscobel WI

Sportsman's Club, 4982 WI Hwy 133, Boscobel WI

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Fri July 31ActivityLocation
9:00 amReenactor Registration beginsKronshage Park
 GAR Hall closed due to construction 
5:00 pmACWSA Mortar CompetitionSportsman’s Club
5:00 pmOfficer’s call Kronshage Park
Sat Aug 1ActivityLocation
8:30 amOfficer’s callKronshage Park
9:00 amReenactor Registration continuesKronshage Park
9:00 am - 5:00 pmCamp opens to public/Living history demonstrationsKronshage Park
9:00 am - noonGuided Encampment Tours - every ½ hourKronshage Park
 GAR Hall closed due to construction 
9:00 am - noonACWSA Indvl.Comp. "Hands on history" public participationSportsman's Club
9:15 amACWSA Revolver Team CompetitionSportsman's Club
10:00 amInfantry drills and Cavalry drillsKronshage Park
10:00 amMrs. Betsy Witherspoon Event Tent
10:15 amACWSA Smoothbore Team CompetitionSportsman's Club
11:00 amArtillery drillsKronshage Park
11:30 am9th VA Cav/McGreagors Bat, Mail Call in campKronshage Park
12:00 noonPeriod music and Family Dance LessonsEvent Tent
12:30 pmSafety inspectionKronshage Park
12:30 pmMemorial to the BattlefieldKronshage Park
12:30 pmACWSA Team Commanders MeetingSportsman’s Club
12:45 pmACWSA Carbine Team CompetitionSportsman’s Club
12:30 pmAlonzo Cushing Medal of Honor MemorialEvent Tent
1:00 pmBattle Reenactment - Gettysburg at the "Angle"Battlefield
2:15 pmMedical scenarios at encampment hospitalsKronshage Park
2:30 amGenerals' Battle DiscussionKronshage Park
2:30 pm - 4:00 pmLadies’ Garden Party (period dress required)1200 Wisconsin Avenue
3:30 pmACWSA Battle Royale Sportsman’s Club
4:00 pmPeriod Wedding Kronshage Park
4:00 pmACWSA Cannon competitionSportsman’s Club
5:00 pmCamp closes to publicKronshage Park
7:30 pm - 9:00 pmPie & Ice Cream SocialTuffley Center
8:00 pm - MidnightMilitary / Civilian Ball (period dress)Downtown
9:45 pmGrand MarchDowntown
Sun Aug 2ActivityLocation
8:30 amOfficer’s callKronshage Park
9:00 am - 4:00 pmCamp opens to public / Living history demonstrationsKronshage Park
 GAR Hall closed due to construction 
9:00 amChurch Call, 1860’s Ecumenical ServiceEvent Tent
9:00 amACWSA Team Commanders MeetingSportsman’s Club
9:15 amACWSA Opening CeremoniesSportsman’s Club
9:30 amACWSA Musket Team CompetitionSportsman’s Club
10:00 amGuided Encampment ToursKronshage Park
10:00 amPay CallKronshage Park
10:00 amInfantry drills and Cavalry drillsKronshage Park
10:00 amOrphan TrainKronshage Park
11:00 amWomen Soldiers of the Civil WarEvent Tent
11:30 am9th VA Cav/McGreagors Batt, Pay CallKronshage Park
11:30 amACWSA Closing Ceremony and AwardsSportsman’s Club
12:00 noonGenerals' PresentationKronshage Park
12:00 noonArtillery drillsKronshage Park
1:00 pmSafety inspectionKronshage Park
1:30 pmBattle Reenactment - Morris Farm at Bentonville, NCBattlefield
2:15 pmMedical scenarios at encampment hospitalsKronshage Park
4:00 pmCamp closes until August next year. 
Home-cooked breakfast & lunch, Sat. & Sun. at camp entrance.

Admittance to the encampment by the public during "closed" hours is by invitation only.

Note: Everyone is invited to honor the Civil War Veterans by visiting their gravesites, which are marked with flags, during daylight hours in the Boscobel Cemetery, east of the encampment area.