Participating Units

Individuals and full units are welcomed each year to the Boscobel WI Muskets and Memories event. Units that participated in some previous years include:

1st Alabama Cavalry

1st Louisiana Infantry

1st South Carolina Infantry

1st US Artillery Battery Company I

1st USSS Sharpshooters Co C
Ladies of the Lily

1st Wisconsin Cavalry Company C

1st Wisconsin Cavalry Company D

2nd Corps Field Hospital

2nd Illinois Battery Company G

2nd Kentucky Cavalry

2nd Minnesota Battery

2nd US Cavalry

2nd Virginia Valley Corps

2nd Wisconsin Company B

2nd Wisconsin Company K

3rd Iowa Light Artillery Battery H

4th US Light Artillery Battery B

5th Georgia Infantry

5th Georgia Medical

5th Minnesota Company A

5th Minnesota Infantry Company C

5th Texas Co A & D

6th Lousiana/1st Iowa

8th Illinois Cavalry

9th Virginia Cavalry Company B

10th Wisconsin Battery

17th Corps Field Hospital

23rd Tennessee

24th Iowa Volunteer Infantry

32nd Iowa Volunteer Infantry Company B

43rd Virginia

108th Illinois Field Hospital

154th Tennessee


Cushing's Battery

Grant, Lee, Custer & Company

Historical Timekeepers

Lexington Rifles

McGregor's Battery

Mulligan's Battery L

New Ulm Battery

Orphan Boys' Mess

Pee Dee Light Artillery

Pelham's Battery

Scott's Tennessee Battery

Ships Company USS Carondelet &
Sisters of the Compass Rose

Stanford's Battery

Texas Brigade

US Marshal

US Signal Corps Army of the Cumberland


Venture Crew II BSA
2nd Wisconsin Company B

Whitherspoon Family

Wisconsin Homefront

Wyatt's Battery